viernes, agosto 12, 2005


"Ordinary, unreflective trust in a marriage may be fine for getting through the day, but a marriage also captures romance when daily domesticy is no longer the focus, when the essential ingredient is the future, which brings with it change, growth, and the dramatic development of a shared identity. Authentic trust in marriage provides a great deal of freedom for expresion, for exploration, for experimentation. It is not simply caught up in the present; it is open and reaching for a future togheter. It is appreciative and romantic about the past. (The word "romantic" means, among other things, "storylike".) A marriage based on authentic trust is an adventure, a work of art. Thus authentic trust is extraordinary in that it goes beyond the immediate and the familiar. It is not merely a comfortable way of living in the world. It discloses new worlds, a far more exciting venture than the usual "happily ever after" ending of the merely fictional romance" (Solomon & Flores 2001: 145).

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